Tarot Reading

‚ÄčThe Tarot has been used for centuries as a way of divining the future, aiding in healing, as Archetypes and to deepen one's connection to their intuitive gifts.  Tarot is very helpful in a number of ways.  Sadly there are people over the centuries that have used the Tarot to manipulate others in negative ways.  This has caused many to be suspicious and/or fearful of the Tarot.  The Tarot, like most things, is healing or destructive based on how someone uses it.  To me, the Tarot is just a tool to help us see our life more objectively and assist us in using our "Free Will" more effectively.  

I work with many different spreads. My primary spread for general readings is a 10 card spread that is different than the Celtic cross. This gives me an overview of someone's life circumstances in a more personal way. I also offer unique spreads for relationships, love, work, the chakras, and the other areas of a person's life. 

As a healer, my use of the Tarot focuses on looking at the patterns in a person's life and environment.

I offer readings for the many different facets of a client's life. I have been working with the Tarot since I first took a class on it back in 2000.  My work with it has evolved tremendously over time.  I started out mostly reading at a New Age stores and for an entertainment company.  The entertainment company required I be able to offer a unique message to each person within five minutes.  This requirement helped me to expand my skills rapidly. It has also assisted me in learning how to articulate a variety of concepts.

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