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Sound Healing & Mantras

There have been studies that suggest ​sound vibrations can have an impact on the cells in the body. As a healer, my focus is on creating and working with sounds that have a positive impact on the cells. One way of receiving positive sound is simply through prerecorded CDs. Another is through toning techniques that I teach and use while performing healing work on an individual. I often find toning amplifies the energy channeled through Reiki. 

On the other end of the spectrum, speaking specific messages or using spoken prayers as mantras can also be empowering. I have worked with Hindu mantras, which are largely simple phrases in Sanskrit, that one repeats as a prayer to a particular deity or energy. I was lucky enough to attend a seminar with Thomas Ashley Farrand, who is credited with bringing Hindu mantras more into mainstream Western traditions. Creating positive repetition with the mantras can often reprogram away negative behavior patterns. For those not comfortable with working with Sanskrit or Hindu traditions, I suggest other more simple programming phrases.