Empowerment Counseling

I believe in empowering people to be able to choose their life more effectively. I am not a licensed psychotherapist but I have counseled many people over the years who struggle with maintaining a healthy emotional balance. Not being a licensed therapist actually affords me more freedom to be clear and directive with suggestions and recommendations. I often suggest specific skills and techniques that help people achieve a greater sense of victory in their life. My various studies across a wide range of disciplines allow me to work with each individual's unique needs.

​I have worked with clients who have suffered a certain level of abuse and I have helped them gain a sense of personal power. I have used shamanic techniques such as soul retrieval and journeying. I also offered different philosophies and rituals to help reprogram someone's mind. When accessing changes in the mind directly is ineffective, I utilize techniques to reach an individual in either their spirit or their body. Creating a safe place to receive physical touch can produce a lot of beneficial effects. Professional massage has been known to help reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, and grief. 

Healing with Reiki, crystals, sound, and color can have a positive impact on the spirit while circumventing the blocks or challenges in the mind. For more information on that, check out my energy healing services information page. 

Services for a more aware, empowered, choice driven life