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Do you ever know what you feel but do not have the right words to communicate it to other people?

One of my unique skills is the ability to assess what people are feeling and then articulate the right language to describe their feelings to others. This can also help an individual process their feelings from a new perspective. I find some people generally have a vague awareness of their emotions and experiences, but highlighting them makes them more tangible. When working with tangible emotions, it allows you to more accurately honor how big or small your feelings about a subject really are. 

There are people who minimize their emotions, which can create unseen/suppressed pain or challenges.  I help clients to bring up and destroy these inner challenges. Other people may experience a heightened or exaggerated emotional state(s). Taking time to dig deeply into why they are feeling or the source of their feelings may help reduce these exaggerated emotional states. I often find regardless of what someone is feeling, spending time to discover how to articulate themselves more accurately creates a greater sense of clarity.  

Emotional Articulation