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Couple's and Family Communication

Although I am not a licensed psychotherapist​, I have worked with couples and families to increase their ability to relate to one another in more positive ways. Through my work as an intuitive reader and my studies of philosophy, mysticism, and patterns, I have learned a tremendous amount how many people think, feel loved, are wounded, and relate to their world. Not only have I learned this information, but I have found that I am skilled in articulating this awareness in a way that is more practical. Certain people know these concepts, however, they need assistance in learning how to communicate these ideas to the people they love.

Couple's Communication

I believe love is a wonderful and powerful healing force. One of the ways that love presents itself is in the form of a romantic relationship. The standard way (but not only way) a romantic relationship is formed is as a couple. Some couples are amazing at communication, knowing how to show appreciation for one another, and just naturally flow in a positive way. I believe this is rather rare, but when it does exist it's marvelous.

For everyone else, being in love may have its share of challenges. I believe that just because a relationship does not flow naturally or easily, it does not mean the couple does not love each other. Even just one hundred years ago, the roles that people played in relationships were largely fixed. This meant each person knew how to feed one another and act with each other. While I think it's amazing that we are now allowed to develop whatever type of relationship you want, the lack of a set role means each person has to know what they want out of being part of a couple. I have found most people do not even know how to ask the right questions to discover what they want, much less know how to explain what they want to the person they love. I am skilled at asking these questions and helping to teach someone how to communicate their answers to their loved one. 

I believe it is especially important to earn one another in a romantic relationship. Living with another person is often a bit of a challenge. There are at least a few habits that may be frustrating for the other person. This can lead to potential resentment. The best way to combat resentment is to show appreciation to the other person in the specific way they feel appreciated or loved. When I sit down with couples I start with making sure each person knows how the other one feels loved and appreciated. While people often think they know, I find that most are surprised when this information is actually articulated. My work with the couple can strengthen their bond and allow for even more joy and pleasure. 

Family Communication

Families are now coming in all shapes and sizes. The unique nature of family means sometimes meshing with one another and navigating the various interactions may be complicated.  Having a mediator or objective third party can increase the cohesion of the whole family. Even in situations where two people raise their child from birth, sometimes that child thinks differently. This can be a case where the parents may have difficulty knowing how to motivate or inspire their child/children. When the family is non-traditional or unique, it is more likely that there is potential for challenges.

I can use my palm reading skills to assess and offer ideas on how best to inspire and motivate a child without the child telling me what they need. This means I can often work with children who are too young to know how to speak for themselves.  Even when the child is old enough to speak for his/herself, they may not be communicating in such a way that they are understood.