I actively started down my path in 1999 when I realized I wanted to do something to help and feed people. I started going to massage therapy school where I learned about many other forms of alternative healing. I then took a class called The Silva Method, which is a seminar the explains how brain works like a computer. It was my first introduction into how to change someone's programming. 

While I was there I met someone who talked to me about Reiki. I then went to their teacher, who was in Worcester, MA, to get my first Reiki 1 attunement toward the end of 1999. The day after my attunement I found The Violet Flame. This was a spiritual store in my town that I had never known was there. I started taking a large number of their metaphysical classes. This is also where I met my first Tarot teacher and had my first lessons.

By the end of 2000 I had become a Reiki Master and finished classes in massage therapy. I passed my licensing certification for massage in the beginning of 2001. After a few months, I started work at Two Eagles Horse and Wolf in Glastonbury, CT. There, I performed massage and Reiki. I also continued to take metaphysical classes there as well. It was there I began studying under my other Tarot teacher. One day, when the reader who was supposed to be reading there did not show up and did not call, the owner asked me if I would read for the clients who showed up to receive readings. That is when I truly started to recognize I had a gift working with the cards. 

After I had been reading there for a little while, I met a wonderful reader by the name of Donna Lee. She invited me to work with her for an entertainment company. I started reading at colleges for their student activity nights and high schools for their project graduation parties. These readings required us to spend five minutes or less on each individual. This meant I was reading for about 50 people in four hours. As I become more proficient with my readings, I can now read upwards of 70 people in four hours. Reading for so many people in a short amount of time has allowed me to hone my skills more rapidly. Since I have had such strong focus in the field of metaphysics, I have met a tremendous number of metaphysical and holistic professionals, some of whom have become my colleagues.

I started studying palmistry under Catherine Kane when the entertainment company asked me if I would learn to read palms. She had been a friend for a few years and was an excellent teacher. She gave me a basic knowledge of palmistry and then I have expanded that understanding through my experience of reading for so many people. I love the palm because it shows the blueprint of someone's life. It allows me to see how they feel loved, how they process information, what they value, and possibly certain challenges they experience in their life. 

I have also cultivated an interest in astrology. I have taken some basic classes over the years and I mostly work with the elements that pertain to a natal birth chart. While it is an interest, it is such a complex, dynamic field that I do not consider myself an expert. 

While studying different forms of divination, I simultaneously spent quite a great deal of time exploring other modalities of healing. I have taken classes in:

  • Shamanism
  • Meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Hindu mantras
  • Sound healing
  • Crystal healing
  • Healing with color
  • Creating sacred space

These studies have enabled me to develop a tremendous amount of tools to help heal and work with each client's unique needs. 

Adam J. Latin

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